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Imperial or Metric Measurements in Britain

Measurements are somewhat confusing in Britain In the UK, one still uses the imperial system versus metric, for distances, weight and liquid quantities. In schools, the metric system is taught but also the imperial system/ units that are used in … Read More

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Think or Mean | never get these 2 words wrong again.

These 2 words “Think or Mean” can be confusing at times and I hope that the table below, helps you to understand how to use them. Think – the power of the mind, is often used as: A personal opinion … Read More

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SOME or ANY | simple rules

This is a simple table that shows you when to use Some or Any, as this can be very confusing. Some is usually used: In positive sentences I have some friends I saw some people outside yesterday In questions about … Read More

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The apostrophe – easy rules

Use of the apostrophe with Its or It’s This is a typical everyday English mistake, made by many. Use an apostrophe when you mean it is or it has Do not use an apostrophe when you use its in a … Read More

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Tongue Twisters

Tongue Twisters – it’s not just how fast you say them, but how clearly too Sentences or a sequence of words, that are difficult to pronounce quickly and correctly. 1. She sells sea shells by the seashore The shells she … Read More

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What’s an Idiom ?

Idioms An idiom is a phrase with a special meaning. An idiom is used in many spoken English situations, all the way from social conversations to a business meeting and there are thousands that exist. Here are a few examples … Read More

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